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Large Groups Welcome! The more the merrier. Bring the whole family ... or the whole office. Call now for group rates ... (636) 225-5666
A New Perspective! Air Balloon Sports offers you a new look at everything that you used to take for granted. Come see the world through our eyes. You will never view your world  the same way again.
Safety First! We believe in having fun and there will be plenty of time for games. But our first concern is the safety of our customers and our crew. No need to worry, we have the best safety record in the area.
HOT Air Balloons! They don't call it a HOT Air Balloon for nothing! Call 636-225-5666 for more info.
Missouri Ballooning at it's Best! Our goal is to give you the experience of a life-time. Call now: (636) 225-5666
Special Offers!   Air Balloon Sports is a revolutionary new look at an old tradition of flying. Call now to hear more about our group specials.
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Pricing & Terms


$399.00 per person


(5 to 24) call for pricing - 636-225-5666


$850.00 per couple, must call 636-225-5666 to schedule



Gift certificates are available for all occasions, call 636-225-5666 for more information.

The flight season for St. Louis is generally from April until late October, and is completely dependent upon weather. In a very good year, we can begin a little earlier and go a little longer, but that is very rare. Please don’t wait until the end of the season to book your flight.

All flights must be scheduled online or by calling 636-225-5666

Flight status notification will be emailed. Sunrise flight notification will be sent between 7 and 9 PM the evening before the flight. Sunset flight notification will be sent 2 to 3 hours before the estimated meeting time. Anticipated meeting time for sunrise flights is one hour before sunrise. Anticipated meeting time for sunset flights is three hours before sunset. Sunrise and sunset times can be found at If you have not received your notification by the expected time, please call 636-225-5666.

All requests for time or date changes must be received by Air Balloon Sports at least 72 hours in advance of the scheduled flight. All passengers will sign an assumption of risk and release of liability form prior to flight. A flight cannot be flown until the release form is signed.

Passengers who fail to appear for flight are considered flown by Air Balloon Sports. Exceptions: illness, accident, hospitalization, or death in the family. Maximum weight allowance is 400 pounds per couple or 225 pounds per person. Larger passengers welcome, just give us a call. An additional fee may be assessed for additional weight.

Air Balloon Sports reserves the right to decline to accept any person as a passenger should that person's heath, mental condition, physical impairment, intoxication or general deportment impede the operation of the flight or the rights, welfare or enjoyment of other passengers. Hot air ballooning is an active outdoor sport. If you have had recent surgery, are taking medications, or have any physical disabilities (back, neck, breathing problems, etc.), discuss your plan to go for a hot air balloon ride with your doctor and obtain a release. Pregnant women may not fly. No weapons may be carried in the balloon. We reserve the right to inspect any carry on baggage aboard the balloon.

We reserve the right to inspect any carry on baggage aboard the balloon.

Rescheduling a canceled flight - In the event of cancellation by Air Balloon Sports due to weather, or other circumstances, the flight will be rescheduled as soon as possible. Unfavorable weather often requires customers to schedule several times before taking their flight. We recommend that you reschedule within two weeks of cancellation. To avoid expiration of any voucher or certificate, you must book at least once a month. We hold space on future flights for passengers whose flights have been canceled.

 When you reschedule (sometimes it will be necessary to do so more than once - don't give up), you will enjoy a magnificent experience.

Air Balloon Sports Rides Refund Policy: The possibility of a flight cancellation always exists. Air Balloon Sports incurs significant expenses in scheduling a flight, or balloon charter.

Should a flight be canceled for any reason, including weather, pilot judgment, or other circumstances beyond our control, many of those costs (associated with payroll, and the time and cost involved in scheduling) will be incurred again, at no additional cost to you. Therefore, Air Balloon Sports does not, and will not, give refunds.